Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 2minutes

I have a PCB design!

I have made a PCB design decent enough to send it for manufacture. Usually the PCBs are 1.6mm, and optionally 0.8mm, but I feel I need a bit thinner. I have found a cheap manufacturer that does .6mm and .4mm. I have ordered 5 boards of each type. I am hoping that .6mm will do as it is 10x cheaper. I have also ordered a stencil to make it a bit easier to DIY assembly of the board. -See that the board has also components on the bottom side. There I have placed the optional BH1750 lightmeter and the also optional buzzer. I am hoping the the buzzer will fit in the cavity on the plastic of the camera. There is also an LED.

I have a lots of doubts as if the outline will be ok and fit the camera, and the “registration” hole to the left of the Atmega. We will see. As for the software I think I will use the second switch as an option for additional mirror delay to avoid (bad) vibrations, maybe just a longer delay, maybe as if you have to press the red button two times, one to bring the mirror down, the next to actually take the picture and eject. Switch number is for double/multiple exposures as promised.

Fire image

Concerning recent misunderstandings I want to stress that nothing is for sale, that I do all this as a personal challenge, that I was kind of hoping more people would participate. And, please, keep in mind that, if you don’t understand what is it that I am trying to accomplish, or what this group is about, maybe this group is not for you, also, before posting something disrespectful or impolite, send me a message and I will try to sort your doubts. BTW the buzzer is for the camera to do bip-bip-bip for 10 seconds when you do a timer delayed shot, that is, when you press the red button more than 2 seconds (or whatever). Oh, and one more thing. I am also trying to setup the opensx70 dot com webpage as a GitHub page: if you think you can collaborate with content, reviews, or even photos of SX70 cameras please post a comment and I will publish the projects email address. I need mostly picture of the different SX70s, details, and of course reviews of accessories vintage and new are also very welcome.