Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

Aladdin PCBs have arrived!!!

One day ahead of the scheduled date the new boards from JLCPCB have landed. Of course I have to test them. Fire image

Fire image

Fire image

Fire image The new “Aladdin-FPC” blue boards look stunning. I only hope they work!

Fire image I have also done a custom adapter to be able to program the bootloader into the arduino with the minipro programmer.

Fire image This is a breakout board for the FPC cable.

Fire image This is the full FTDI board…

Fire image Unfortunately I see that I ordered “Aladdin” (green, NON-FPC) wrong! 1.6mm instead of the required .6mm. D’HO!

Now I hope to be able to to hand-make a prototype, and hopefully the first openSX70 camera!