Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

Aladdin ready to fly!

I have finally built what I think is a working camera. In the video you can see the programming/debugging flat cable and the dongle. I also have a quick and dirty cheat sheet. Please note that the values in ms don’t really mean anything since there’s an initial delay that I don’t take into account. In this video I test different speeds, I do a multiple exposures shot, and a long press for a timer delay. Note that the led is increasingly blinking, you can see also dark slide ejection and red led when the pack is empty. Fire image

Please note that through the USB adapter you can program and debug as any Arduino board (328P 2.8V 8mhz). Fire image

Fire image

Before I insert film I would like to write in the EEPROM memory (permanent) all the information from the light meter as to have information for the auto exposure feature.

Fire image