Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

First tests with Aladdin!

Fire image Fire image

Finally got the time to start testing Aladdin.

Soldering the FPC is A ROYAL PAIN I could do it (sort of) on my second trial. But then I couldn’t solder the light meter chip. The conclusion is that .5mm pitch SMD electronic components are not at a human scale. Or maybe I am just too old for this shit.

Fire image Fire image

My adapter to program to the Atmega with the custom 2.8V/8Mhz bootloader was a total success. That is needed because the Minipro programmer only supports the 28-pin DIP Atmegas328p, and my adapter was a TQFP “universal” pin-to-pin adapter. So I made a board to map the 32-pin Atmega to the 28-pin DIP Atmega.

As always I started by testing by uploading Blink, and, after double-checking the FPC connector it loaded and worked!!

Here is the complete board with the cable, and the FTDI.

Fire image

When I build the openSX70, while testing and debugging the software the FPC will show through the camera, so I can easily connect the FTDI and upload some new software.

Finally I have been able to re-work the dongle to include the regulator to bring the power down to 2.8V as previously reported. It is not nice, but I hope it works!

Fire image

I hope tomorrow I can do much more software and hardware tests.