Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

Analog Metadata

I have been working both on the hardware (will post later) and on the software. In the video I test the “functions” of the openSX70 camera. Please bear in mind that all is configurable, and, if you don’t like the LED blinking so much you can turn it off… I test different (while connected to the Arduino console on the macbook) shutter speeds, mirror delay, B and T use, multiple exposures, timer delay, and then dumping the info.

The “reason” for storing this “analog metadata” is to gather information to implement the auto function. This way I can know the (real) lightmeter (well, I’ll have to write this by hand) and the internal lightmeter value. So I can correlate somehow.

Bear with me because the video is a bit long (2’13’’).

Fire image Fire image Fire image Fire image