Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

Testing flash operation

Fire image (the regular MiNT bar without the dongle of course)

Fire image (external flash Canon EZ300, with Solenoid#2 engaged)

Fire image (external flash WITHOUT solenoid#2 engaged, full f.8 aperture, no distance compensation)

Testing flash operation for the first time with the OpenSX70 camera.

First shot with the MiNT flash, second shot with an external strobe connected to the dongle. The usual follow focus aperture engaging solenoid #2.

Finally the third shot was taken at full aperture, that is without engaging solenoid #2. This is accomplished through software, with no hardware modification. So this picture looks exactly the way I intended. I guess there can be a set up where this possibility might be useful.

Will try to make a video tomorrow.

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