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Here we go again!

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I have a new board and camera prototype #2. This is my pre-production board since I intent to do a mini manufacturing run at SeeedFusion PCBA. This new board is more or less the same as Aladdin with a few cosmetic changes and an ICSP header.

Now I normally use the FTDI USB connection to program the camera. But to do that I neew to have the bootloader on the Atmega328p chip. Since I am hand-building the boards I can easily do that with an adapter.

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But since I am going to do a small manufacture run at SeeedFusion of ten boards, I need another method of programming the chip ONCE it is on the board. Here comes in place the ICSP.

The ICSP needs a “proper” progammer to program the chip but I didn’t want to put more connectors on the boards. My ICSP header is not to solder the pins but to use an adapter I have made with pogo pins (they have a spring and compress). I build this into a regular clothes pin.

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I have build prototype #2 out of an alpha camera with a hand build “Len’s & Bellows” PCB and everything seems to work fine.

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So today I ordered ten professionally manufactured boards from SeeedFusion. I will have them in 25 days aproximately.

I will hand-build a few UDs (Ugly Dongles) for the field tests.

Since I have never ever had a PCB board manufactured and assembled, this is going to be a long wait.