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The new dongle case & the Polaroid Festival

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One of the perks of running the openSX70 project is that I get to meet these amazing people. Like Clément Grosjean. He is a photographer and the organizer of the incredible Polaroid Festival. This is a huge pillar of the Polaroid community. The openSX70 project was a proud partner of the Festival, and unfortunately I could not attend in person (only via video conference).

I am sorry for not going to Paris because it was the world unveiling (in late June 2018) of the project to the world, and that is a big deal. It was really really nice to make the presentation with Clément though.

I can not say enough about the work and effort (not to say money!) that goes into organizing such an event.

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On the other hand you all know how I feel about the uDongle (UGLY dongle!) and my wish to design a “proper” dongle with a nice case and selection wheel. So when Clément proposed to design a case for the dongle I was very happy.

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There are a few initiatives on right now on a dongle design, I don’t think there has to be “the one” dongle, but, on the contrary, the beauty of an open project is that many people can collaborate, and they are.

But by far the most advanced project at this moment in time is Clément’s. He has designed a case for the uDongle, and has manufactured it with 3D print. And the result so far is great.

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Clément is a firm believer in making things as simple and easy for the photographer, that sometimes is difficult for me to accept because I want all those features and options!

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Nevertheless I feel that some minor tweaks have to be made to make the dongle a bit more “case-friendly” so with Clément’s help I made a few minor modifications, and also made some component changes, like new bigger switches:

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I see the dongle as an opportunity, maybe a bussiness model, for the openSX70. Keep in mind that Clément has already upgraded the case and it’s working in a much better one. So please watch this space for news!