Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 3minutes

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The time has come to (as randomly as possible) pick a winner. Even though it is not a commercial project (although maybe one day it will) I like to spread the word. I would like the winner to post about his positive experiences, post videos and photos about the build and from the camera (hashtag #openSX70. Keep in mind that you can ruin your precious camera, and that it is experimental. Remember it is the “experimental-early-pioneer-kit”. Don’t compare with commercial products much more expensive: at the moment we do not have auto exposure, and what we do is manual shutter speed settings, if a given EV is too fast or slow, just go and change it, you don’t have to know much Arduino programming. But it also does much much more, like self timer delay, double exposure, PC-flash (from day one!) has a cool indicator led and much more. And at the same time it is rough around the edges, software might have issues, dongle is ugly (but I kind of like that “prototype” look) and what not… There is still a long way to go, and I appreciate help. I need people to beta test and provide ideas, but overall test test, and POST results and stuff. If you store your kit in a drawer it won’t do any good, in a sense it will expire, when I cook something more advanced. Last week I saw two rants, one from Marco of AnalogThings and one from Nico. I saw the 20x24 video he mentions. Quite frankly I didn’t notice much about the sound or anything. I have always been fascinated by these incredible cameras and the photos that they produce, I hope to one day be able to see one and have my picture taken. I have only gratitude to Marco for the work and effort it takes to make this videos and the same goes for Nico. I can only imagine the work it takes to produce all this amazing content. Fortunately I have not been trolled so far. My “rant” (not really a rant) is that sometimes (I have never asked anyone for anything, nor money nor anything else. And it’s alright, I get to choose who I want to ship) I make an effort to send a kit or whatever and then people don’t use it don’t comment or send feedback public or private… I know we all are very busy, and such, but… Maybe you are wondering why I do it and what is in it for me. On a personal level I am proving myself that (with a little help from my friends) I can accomplish stuff that I never thought I could do. I am also channeling my admiration for the camera, for the company (Polaroid) and Dr. Land. This means that I am learning a lot about everything SX70, and that I have also been very lucky to “meet” with some of the scientists that worked in the development of the SX70, people like Dr.Plummer or Mr. Carcia that worked for Dr. Land. Finally I have accomplished sort of finding “my place” in the SX70 and Polaroid world.

Of those in the list Roger is disqualified (sorry Roger, but I always offered the kit to repair professionals interested, so please send me an email with your post address and I will gladly mail you a kit). As a reminder if anyone that repairs cameras (and can prove that they do) let me know, I will add your website to the directory in the links page and will do my best to have a kit available to you.

So going back to the draw, there are 7 people that commented as asked in the post, of those I selected five. I wish I could send a kit to all of you, but unfortunately I can’t.

So I wrote all five names and made a random pick. The winner can contact me at the usual email to give me the postal address for me to ship. If I scramble more kits I will do another draw among the remaining people. All were perfect.

Keep in mind that this is a poisoned gift: I expect feedback and constructive comments. All for the project!