Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 1 minute

Jig PCB giveaway!!!!

Fire image

As may of you know, the last batch manufactured by SeeedFusion was a mess, they changed the mosfets to a different part and it didn’t work. Fortunately the returned the money. What happens is that I could not test the full functionality of a PCB or original ECM until is on camera. So I thought it would very cool to have some sort of jig to test the PCB even to try them on a “camera”

An then I saw the article “Take your pogo jig to the next level” on And I like the concept a lot. Please take a look to understand what I mean.

The idea is to use pogo pins to build a “test bed” for the PCB.

Fire image

So I have designed the PCB: Fire image (I am doing minor fixes now but it will be basically the same) but I need help with designing and building the 3D part of the jig.

Fire image (the CAD model)

Here is the fusion360 model of my latest PCB, keep in mind that you can download it in many formats. Also keep in mind that the PCB thickness is 1.6mm. You can find free models of the pins here in

The “toggle clamps” can be easily found on Ebay and Alibaba

So here is the deal, if you think the jig might be useful and want to try to design the 3D part and print it, I will gladly send you one of the PCBs if you then send me a 3D printed part.

Please comment down below on what you think.

I am always looking for tools to fix SX70s both original (Anyone can send me detailed pictures of the boot removal tool, please please) and also new tools. If you have any information please contact me.