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AnalogueWorks Dongle

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Among the amazing people I have met through the openSX70 project I want to single out Santi. He is the person behind AnalogueWorks.

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He makes these amazing over-engineered pinhole cameras. Fire image Fire image Fire image

His designs are not only beautiful, but really nicely constructed and thought out. Please check his website.

He has also been a faithful supporter of the openSX70 project. So we started talking… and talking… I was really happy when he told me he was thinking on designing a dongle for the project. What a treat.

I never cease to amaze at the ideas people bring to project. All sorts of ideas…

Fire image (shot with openSX70 prototype#7 and MiNT electronic flashbar, the best modern accessory for the SX70)

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So when he told me he had something to show me… I was really happy.

Here you have them, in all its beauty even though it is only a first draft, I really really like the design, and the ideas that he brings to project. Our approach here is to make the design from outside, so I will try to fit the electronics once the design is more or less settled.

Fire image Fire image Fire image Fire image Fire image

Please remember that I consider the project dongle-agnostic. We welcome all sorts of designs and open ideas. There is no “one” dongle, but, starting with the uDongle I hope that there are many…