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manufacturing with PCBWAY & sponsorship!

PCBWAY has been kind enough to sponsor the openSX70 project by picking the tab of a fair amount of my latest order. I am thankful.

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First I want to say that I am no expert, all I have is my experience. Ever since I started the project I have manufactured PCBs with SeedStudio, JLCPCB and OSHpark. I have done PCBA with SeedStudio and with PCBWAY. I have never done just plain PCBs with PCBWAY. Then I will tell you my experience, including how long it takes (the clock is ticking since yesterday), and the quality and feel of the boards.

Nowdays it amazes me the low cost and high quality standards of the fab houses in general, and, when you come to judge their work, it comes to finish and to silkscreen resolution and registration. High quality is usually what I have found.

I have to admit that I have indulged myself by ordering some of the most expensive PCBs ever, I wanted the “matt black” finish and the ENIG (gold) material for the flash connector.

This is a new origami design for the AnalogueWorks dongle.

I am also manufacturing a slighly modified Meroë version that I have named Edwin. And then some other auxiliary boards.

So I am looking forward to receiving the boards, how long will it take and the quality of the boards. I will report once I get those.

What I like about PCBWAY as I have said befor is the way I communicate with them, how helpful they are, specially being a newbie.

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I have rushed the design to have the boards before the Chinese New Year. I will report once I get the pcbs.