Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 3minutes

How to be part of the (open)SX70 scene

Fire image Not only since I shared this post on Instagram but long before I receive frequent communications asking me how to participate in the project.

And there is no simple answer to that at this time.

Let’s say that the openSX70 project has evolved in ways that I never envisioned, but now, thanks in part to our partnership with AnalogueWorks there is a nice product not only envisioned but on its way. That is of course without forgeting about folks that just want to modify on their own their cameras. That means that we need to set up deals with people that would modify and sell the cameras. We are never going to do that.

I think I can say that no matter what some people say, I have never abandoned anyone, on the contrary, I have tried to provide support to anyone that bonafide wanted to work on the project. And remember I’m just a guy.

So lets say for arguments sake that there are different types of crowds attracted to the project. Keep in mind that most of us are really all at the same time, or maybe not, but for now please bear with me.


Of course this would be our main demographic, people that shoot instant film and want to have the ultimate tool to shoot Polaroid film units. My take is that in general photographers need to have the camera assembled and working and are not going to bother with soldering and all that. That is of course on average. We hope to have prototype “Loaner” cameras hopefully soon. If you are interested in being a tester, please comment down below and let me know why. I expect feedback on pictures taken (with all the info) and on the user interface. But also social media exposure.


This is basically people that know how to solder and source the parts. I have a special offer to them: free PCBs. You just have to convince me by commenting down below that you have the skills and will to do this. This is purely subjective, and I get to decide who and what, but I will try to cater for preferences. That is always uDongle. Those who already have do this are automatically entitled to new PCBs. Again I appreciate feedback and social media exposure, not only scan of pictures but the build process etc.. To reduce costs I will ship the PCBs on an unregistered envelope. I assume not many people will want to do this anyway.


Those who really think that they can help with some capacity the project please contact me. There are many areas that are in need of special talent, like making the prism for viewfinder “helper led”, 3D modeling, coding etc… Join the “SX70 scene”! Fire image


CV-1 is one of our priorities right now. Santi is working hard on the dongle design, and, hopefully, after testing the prototypes we will seek a way to mass produce the casing. Manufacturing a product is probably one of the most challenging parts of the project. There are some standards, and certifications that have to be met if you want to do it properly.

We want to make something that is second to none. Not only in performance, but in build quality.

Of course we are also seeking agreements with potential distributors, that have both the technical knowledge, and the willingness to have the job done without compromise. If you are interested please contact us.

Keep in mind that CV-1 will be on the conservative side, that means it will have to be a stable product, and will probably not catch-up to the experimental side of the project (I mean aperture mostly). But the project being non-destructive, there will always be a possibility for upgrade, most certainly the software, but also the hardware.

That’s it for now. New PCBs shall be arriving mid next week, and will try to assemble a few to test them. I am very excited about the new SONAR-FBW boards, but soldering the QFN Atmega is going to be as challenging as always.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.