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Dolores and the SX-70 part two: the letter

In 2021 I made a post about a 16mm reel I have found on Ebay.

If you have not seen that film you should first see it in all its glory.

Immediately we were all asking ourselves who is that girl on the film?

Speculation ran wild, she was a model from NY? Was the yellow jacket a hint to annoy Kodak?

I asked everyone I knew that was working at the time in Polaroid, or, that had an interest in Polaroid, like Christopher Bonanos author of Instant the story of Polaroid, Harry McCracken a technology journalist that had written an amazing article on Polaroid. But also Dr. Plummer, that worked designing the SX-70 lens, and even the Polaroid Retirees Association.

Making a rather long story short, I planned to write a letter to Dolores, but then I sit on it because I though it might cause her some distress… but then finally I wrote the letter and mailed to her!

Here’s my letter to Dolores (with Dolores permission)

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To be continued…