Joaquín de prada in Opensx70 2minutes

Dolores and the SX-70 part three: meeting Dolores!

In 2021 I made a post about a 16mm reel I have found on Ebay.

If you have not seen that film you should first see it in all its glory.

Immediately we were all asking ourselves who is that girl on the film?

We finally located her and I send her a handwritten letter, it all on part two of the post.

And it finally happened, on Saturday May 13th Doc SX70, Zane and me rented a convertible BMW and drove all the way to Conneticut to meet Dolores.

The trip took us longer than expected and we arrived a bit late, but all was good. Dolores and her daughter Sara had arranged a nice meal at the place she lives now, with a few of her friends.

We even had personalized names on the table.

Meeting Dolores, was both an honor and a privilege. She is a kind educated person always with a smile on her face, smart and sharp as a tack, at 90 plus years old she still remembers everything.

She is both, beautiful and elegant. We also met with Sarah, Dolores daughter and her grandaughter Kaycee. It was an absolut delight to meet these lady and feel tremendously grateful for all the effort they made to make this possible.

Dolores was very graceful with us, and let me take a good look at his albums of mementos.

From there, it is possible to have a very good idea of her role in the rollout of the SX-70. Indeed, she was the face of the camera, and had a mission to spread the news about the product. To create news, and newspaper articles, to basically generate awareness about the camera. The 16mm film was part of that effort, indeed, as we all know, the camera was so new, so innovative that didn’t fit any of the existing categories. Dolores mission, that she took, and carried to the end with grace, was to create awareness on SX-70 camera and the new, as revolutionary as the camera, new film: absolute instant photography.

She was the prototype of the “Polaroid Camera girl”

Then we spent the evening in Dolores fabulous apartment with her family, sharing memories and stories, a lifetime full of mementos in that house.

I find her vitality, a lesson to all of us, she told me that she would probably be travelling the world if not for her eyesight impediment.

A heartfelt thanks to Jeremy and Zane for been so graceful to coming along with me in my crazy endevours, they are the best mariachis.

I want to thank with all my heart Dolores, Sarah and Kaycee and all the wonderful people we met in Conneticut.

I also want to apologize for taking so much in making this post.