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Although I studied and became a lawyer, but deep down I always liked to tinker with things.

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It must have been in the summer of 1973 when in a technology magazine I saw an article about an amazing camera that took pictures and developed them instantaneously. I was amazed and hooked for ever. I didn’t know much about Polaroid or Edwin Land or integral film: I just knew I wanted one. But it wasn’t to be, at least for a few years. In april 1979, during a family holiday to Florida and DisneyWorld, our family got one in a shop in Bal Harbour. We used it quite a lot, took it on trips and enjoyed it a lot. And then we forgot. I thought Polaroid Corporation was going to be there forerever I took it for granted…

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Then came the Impossible Project. I remember thinking that the camera was broken, had some sort of light leak, since all pictures came out overexposed, almost white. Ever since then we have been partners so to speak with Impossible y road to reinvent the ancient formula of instant photography. We started to read books about the story of Polaroid and the genius behind. Of all these things, the most amazing for me is holding an SX70 in my hand, opening and closing it, shooting pictures, the sound of the print coming out…

Donate money!

If you want to donate a camera even if it’s broken just contact me. The email of the project is opensx70 at opensx70 dot com.

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